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Medical Practice Management for Physicians by Physicians

Medical Practice Management For Physicians

ProMd Practice Management was founded in 2004 by a team of physicians and health services administration professionals who had directed the expansion of South Florida Perinatal Medicine into one of the foremost maternal fetal medical practices in the state. 

The same medical practice management and billing expertise that made South Florida Perinatal Medicine a success was applied to our clients businesses, with consideration always given to each practice's individual needs. Consistently, our clients have enjoyed greater staff productivity and higher collection rates.


Word of ProMD's capabilities and quality service in medical practice management spread rapidly between satisfied customers and our client base grew in turn.  In 2007 ProMD relocated to its current Pinecrest headquarters.  Those same headquarters have since been expanded to over 4,000 square feet of office space housing more than 55 highly trained medical practice management professionals.

Efficient medical billing leads to better patient care

Having been founded by physicians, at ProMD we understand how having a smoothly running operation allows a physician to focus their time and energy on patient care. We work closely with a practice's management and staff to ensure increased efficiency while reducing waste. We have developed a "Full Circle" approach to medical practice management.

ProMD Medical Practice Advocacy

This means ProMD will assess your practice as a whole and then focus attention on streamlining those aspects of your business that are not performing at full efficiency. Having a staff and business systems in place that you can count on to effectively handle day to day business operations allows you to focus on what's most important: providing quality patient care.

We continue striving to provide the very best medical practice management, billing and collection and consulting services to our clients. To this end we also work to foster relationships with leading providers of medical practice services, products, applications, equipments and technologies. By combining our expertise with offerings from these leaders in the industry, we are able to deliver comprehensive solutions to any practice's unique challenges.

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”ProMD has been doing our practice medical billing since 2006; I am very satisfied with ProMD’s billing performance, responsiveness and overall professionalism”
- Dr. Dorel Abramovici
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Sinai Perinatal, LLC.
Hollywood, Florida