How Does Bariatric Medical
Billing Westchester Work

Medical billing services are proven to be truly beneficial to healthcare practitioners and medical facilities. However, there are still many others who do not consider it mainly because they do not know how these services actually work. Basically, the billing process starts when the patient checks in for consultation where he or she updates his or her insurance information. After the consultation, all information including the diagnosis, demographic, and other relevant data will be collected and forwarded to the medical coder.

The medical coder will then translate all this information into codes to come up with the super bill. The medical biller will make sure that these codes comply with applicable laws and rules which will then be sent to the payer or the insurance provider in the form of a claim. The payer will evaluate the claims and decide which they are going to cover and which one they are going to deny. For denied claims, the biller will be responsible for filing an appeal. For services or procedures not covered by the payer, the patient will have to pay for them.

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