Medical Billing Company Chesapeake:
How Do They Work?

When doctors perform procedure to a patient or provide treatment for their illness, they charge the patient based on these services received. Each diagnosis, procedure, and treatment has corresponding medical codes or in alphanumeric forms. These codes are crucial to keep track of patient’s information as well as accurate billing. Patients may pay in cash or through their insurance companies. Most of the time, they have to pay extra for treatments and procedures that are not covered by their insurance provider.

This is where medical billing company Chesapeake gets into the process. They take the information from the medical coders and come up with an accurate bill. They send it to patients who need to co-pay or to the insurance provider to file a claim. This is how healthcare provider gets paid. Should the patient refuse to pay, the medical biller will work with a collector to make sure they do. Similarly, should the insurance claims get denied, they file for an appeal to get the reimbursement.

In a nutshell, medical billing companies are third party provider that work as a bridge between the patients, doctors, and the insurance companies. They make sure that healthcare provider gets paid accurately and in a timely manner.

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