How Ob/Gyn Medical Billing
Fort Lauderdale Works

Ob/Gyn medical billing Fort Lauderdale is a crucial task given to hospital billing staff or even a private practice doctor’s assistant. It could be done by a team of billers and coders or handled by a single person. Medical billing, however, should only be done by someone who has knowledge, experience, and appropriate training in the field as uses approved methods and codes. This is because a single error could lead to denial of claims and delayed payments.

Basically, the medical biller gathers all information about the patient, the patient’s condition, diagnosis, medications, and all medical treatments and procedures received. Each has corresponding medical codes and costs. The medical biller is as well responsible to file a claim to the insurance company, follow-up, and make sure the healthcare provider receives the payment or reimbursement on time and with the right amount.

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