Orthopedic Surgery Medical Billing Staten Island:
The Preparation of Claims

The orthopedic surgery medical billing Staten Island is the one that claims the super bill made by the coder and renders it into paper form or into whatever the management observes as a practice. Included in the bill are the costs of the procedure of the claim, reflecting the amount the insurance company will cover as evidenced in the insurance policy. Here at ProMD, we have professional billers who can perform an excellent job at filing the reimbursement claims on time.

Moreover, the moment the biller has prepared the reimbursement claim; it is incumbent upon him to make sure that such claim adheres to the standards of compliance, in terms of coding and form. Also, the accuracy of the billing and coding processes are generally shouldered by the billing company, as well as the review of the codes. Doing this will make sure that the procedures are coded well to be presented.

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