Medical Billing: The Management
of Payments and Collections

In actual practice, the last phase of the billing process is making sure that the bills are paid. The medical billers are responsible for the creation and filing of the claims in the most accurate and timely way possible. As part of their job, they also need to follow up with the patients and come up with resolutions for delinquent bills. The moment a bill is paid, it is automatically reflected.

In situations where the patient is declared to be delinquent, or if they do not pay the full amount, it is the job of the medical billing company to see to it that the provider is properly reimbursed. This part involves the contacting of the patient by sending in follow-up bills, or, in worst-case scenarios, enlisting a collection agency. It must be emphasized that each healthcare provider has its own set of guidelines and timelines when it comes to the payment of bills.

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