Practice Management – Keeping Your
Current System While Working with ProMD

October 16, 2019

It's true:
switching from manual records to Electronic Medical Records, or EMRs, will have a positive impact on both your patients and your bottom line. And why not? When done the right way, EMRs adhere to government HIPAA guidelines, lead to improved efficiency, and create more complete digital records. The key takes away here is “when done right.”

Many times practices convert their records keeping to EMR but will rely on untrained or inexperienced staff to maintain them. When this happens, valuable data may fall through the cracks. However, for the companies that elect to hire companies to streamline their medical billing, the benefits are practically too many to count.

Switching Medical Billing Companies
without Switching Your EMR

ProMD is one practice management company that is doing just that. Their highly skilled back-office team works tirelessly to process claims – from submission to payment; statements and posting, and insurance follow-up, all of which often result in revenue increases of up to 20 percent within 90 days. They offer a number of services as well – to include operations oversight to contracting and credentialing. However, one concern of many practice owners is regarding the investment they’ve already made in their current technology partners. After putting time, money and effort into one system, does it pay to switch to ProMD? The answer is, yes! Here’s why.

Seamless Support

While an estimated 60 percent of Electronic Health Record (EHM) system users either dislike or are neutral about their current technology program, only 15 percent are considering a switch to something new. There are many reasons for the hesitation – among them, the time-consuming effort of disrupting and change in a functional workflow. And we know that any disruption in workflow could mean missed payments, frustrated clients, and overworked or misused staff.

There are many technology partners on the market, and your practice might already subscribe to one. ProMD encourages its clients to continue using their current EMR System or EHR partners, thereby saving them revenue, precious man-hours, and unnecessary headaches. Your employees will remain in the driver’s seat, retaining full control of the data, as needed.

Here are just a few of the tech partners ProMD works with:

ProMD knows you didn’t become a healthcare professional to push papers and navigate insurance claims. That’s why we are your best choice for all your medical management requirements.

Founded in 2004 by a team of physicians and health services administration professionals, ProMD Practice Management and its team of experts understand the complex and ever-changing landscape of the medical industry. Dedicated to keeping practices like yours running smoothly, we stand firm on our solid reputation and promise to increase your practice’s efficiency and revenue. Plus, we’ll free up your time so you can concentrate your efforts where they count – providing high-quality patient care.

To learn more about how ProMD can make your practice run like a well-oiled machine, call 888-622-7498 or fill out our online form to request a billing assessment.

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