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ProMD’s revenue cycle management solution is second to none. With our team of experienced and certified coders to provide comprehensive and effective billing and collection services, we’ll help you increase your monthly revenues by 20% or more – allowing you to focus your energies on patient care (rather than paper pushing).

When you collaborate with ProMD, it’s not outsourcing – it’s integration.

Billing & Collections

Done From An Operations Perspective

We work with you and make managing your
billing, collections, and operations a seamless process

Increase Revenue 20% Within 90 Days

By outsourcing your medical billing services to ProMD, you can increase your revenues 20% or more within 90 days. Our specialized back-office team working on your behalf is adept at claims submission, payment posting, insurance follow-up, and patient statements. We not only take the burden off handling billing functions, but also help you pinpoint financial opportunities so you can drive practice revenue while we fast-track your billing processes.

Client Testimonials

Efficient Medical Billing
Better Patient Care

At ProMD, we understand how a smooth-running operation allows physicians
to focus their time and energy on better patient care. We like that.

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