Medical Billing & Practice Assessments

Optimize Your Operations With Our Medical Billing & Practice Assessment

If your practice is not growing, you should want to know why. ProMD Practice Management can help identify the problem and address it.

As your financial health diagnostic specialists, we will:

Years of experience helping medical practices to succeed makes us uniquely qualified to assess and analyze your practice's business operations. Our varied clientele represents a wide range of medical specialties and sizes. We have served small, solo multi-physician offices to full-service medical centers with large staffs offering a full range of services.

ProMD’s specialized assessment team will perform an operational audit and practice improvement evaluation to determine what parts of your operation are working effectively and where changes can be applied to lead to increased efficiencies.

When we conduct a medical practice assessment, we will cover every aspect of your practice from billing and collections to record keeping, staffing, contractors, and marketing efforts. Each segment of your business is scrutinized with practice effectiveness and cost efficiency in mind.

Contact us today for a complimentary practice and billing assessment consultation and begin the path to the profitability you deserve.

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