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Please check below for some of our satisfied clients and the kind words they have to say about our services.

Thanks for saving my practice......just saying......


Naples Podiatry Center
Naples, Florida

Our office been working with professional ProMD team for almost one year. We are really happy with customer service ProMD provides: communication process is very easy and responds we are getting are quick. ProMD billing and collection team work efficient and fast, as a result our revenues have been increased. We are happy to work with ProMd.


Unique Prenatal Care
Brooklyn, New York

I just want to thank you and the whole staff at ProMD for your help in streamlining and organizing our billing. We have seen conservatively an increase of roughly 20% to 25% in paid claims as compared to this same time last year. We are very happy with the prompt help, guidance and response to any questions or concerns by the whole staff at ProMD.


Physician Assistant
Miami, Florida

ProMD is an outstanding source of professional service to the medical practices of South Florida. Since they function as our EHR administrators, they are always ready and willing to help with any issue. Billing wise, their experts will make sure your work and time for patient care will be reimbursed to the dot by the insurance. 100% trustworthy and highly recommended to any medical practice that wants to succeed.


Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hialeah, Florida

We have worked with ProMD since 2012. ProMD team works diligently to achieve desired billing performance. ProMD is professional and works well with our team to resolve issues. ProMD was also successful at credentialing our new providers with the desired insurance plans. Highly recommend!


Clevens Face & Body Specialists, Florida

Not once did we have to worry about the billing. The collections are always there. The reports are detailed and accurate and there is always someone available to assist you. This allows us to focus on other aspects of our practice such as patient care and research. ProMD was also successful at contracting & credentialing our new group practice with the insurance plans.


Capital Diabetes & Endocrine Associates, Camp Springs, MD

We are very pleased with the work ProMD has done in our practice. They have been our billing company for over four years. Their staff is most helpful in every aspect. The ability to see each patient's individual ledger and status of billing is very important. ProMD is productive and professional.


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery,
Miami, Florida

ProMD has been a vast improvement over our prior in-house billing services. They have proven to be very professional, diligent, and dedicated to seeking the maximum reimbursement. As a result, our revenue has greatly benefited.


Cartaya Medical Psychology
Group, Florida

ProMD has increased our collections by 11%. ProMD not only has shown us their knowledge of Dermatology coding guidelines, but overall responsiveness and customer service has confirmed my decision to outsource.


Dermatology Clinics of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

As a busy orthopedic group that historically did its billing in-house, outsourcing was not an easy decision. But after seven months, ProMD has been able to increase our overall collections by 15 percent.


Broward Institute of Orthopedic Specialists, Florida

ProMD performed a billing assessment that earned our billing service. After 14 months, ProMD increased our revenues by 9 percent. Not only have they shown much dedication to our billing, but they have also shown themselves to be a company with great ethics and professionalism.


GYN & OB Associates, Florida

Prior to using ProMD, we tried in-house as well as outsourcing the billing and collections for our multi-location, multiple-provider dermatology practice. But the key is to find a company that’s going to go after every dollar and not just the high-ticket items. ProMD’s team has increased our revenues by 23 percent since taking over our billing and collections.


Flores Dermatology, Florida

After doing our own Cardiology billing in-house for close to 10 years, we decided to partner with ProMD for our on-going RCM services. ProMD’s team has been able to increase our collections by 38 percent.


Seckler Heart Center, Florida

ProMD conducted an on-site Practice Improvement Assessment of our practice and we were impressed that we engaged them to conduct twice yearly Assessment follow-up visits to ensure the recommendations were being implemented. They have made a positive impact on our practice operations.


Four Seasons Dermatology, Vermont

ProMD performed a billing assessment of our practice and we were very impressed with their level of expertise, professionalism, and overall knowledge of Practice Management principles.


Atlantic Dermatology, Virginia

ProMD has increased our collections by 33 percent in 120 days. ProMD not only has shown us their knowledge of OB/GYN coding guidelines, but also all RCM services are done from their headquarters, as opposed to outsourcing them to another country.


Nature Coast Women's Care, Florida

ProMD came to my practice to perform an operation assessment which validated certain areas that we were excelling in but more importantly identified areas of opportunities that could improve my bottom line. Based on their practice operations and billing expertise, they have contributed to my 62 percent revenue increase.


Savola Dermatology, Virginia

We hired ProMD to do our billing and collections in 2011 and have used them ever since. They have exceeded MGMA’s 95 percent collection rate consistently.


South Florida Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine Center, Florida

ProMD has been doing our practice’s medical billing since 2006. I am very satisfied with ProMD’s billing performance, responsiveness and overall professionalism.


Maternal Fetal Medicine,
Sinai Perinatal, Florida

We have been very impressed with ProMD’s overall professionalism, billing performance and overall company integrity. ProMD personnel walk us step-by-step through complex billing issues and helped streamline the process with ease. They have the experience to guide physicians and improve performance for an established practice.


Sunlife OB-GYN Services, Florida