Endocrinology Medical Billing Silver Springs:
How is it Done

The medical billing process involves several steps and each one is very crucial to your practice’s income. Here’s an overview on how endocrinology medical billing Silver Springs is done:

  1. Patient registration – starts when the patient calls to schedule a consultation.
  2. Verification – finding out who should pay for the visit and/or treatment – the medical biller checks with the insurance provider the services they cover. Only active insurance policies can be accommodated at this point.
  3. Check-in and check-out – copayments will be collected if necessary. At checkout, the medical coder will translate the patient information into medical codes or also referred to as the superbill which will then be forward to the medical biller.
  4. Draft claims – the medical biller determines which among the treatments and procedures are billable based on the patient’s insurance policy.
  5. Transmission of claims – information will be sent to the insurance company
  6. Adjudication – the insurance provider will check the validity of the claim and may accept, deny, or reject.
  7. Create statements – should there be outstanding charges that the patient needs to pay, the medical biller will prepare the statement
  8. Payment follow-up and settlements – the medical biller will make sure that all outstanding balance is paid and that the provider is paid accurately and on time.

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